Forms - Effective May 23, 2016 all new protocol submissions must be via myProtocol.myProtocol Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions:
For existing studies approved at the expedited or full board levels, investigators will update their protocols in the myProtocol when modifications or continuations are needed. All new exempt and nonexempt submissions will be in myProcotol.

Modifications to previously approved exempt applications will be done outside of the system with submissions through

Consent and Assent Process
These templates provide a starting point for creating your consent/assent process. Feel free to customize the consent verbiage and process to your study.

Modification Form
This form contains the Closing Report, Continuation Request, and Personnel & Procedural change requests.

An estimate for the review process can be found on the HRPP Submission Flowchart. If you have additional questions regarding this process, please contact us at 662.325.3994.